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The Longline fisheries in Alaska and Russia have been an important business sector for Rena International.Rena offers high quality products from Fiskevegn and BFG, such as the innovative product Swivel line. Swivel line was invented and manufactured by Fiskevegn from raw material to finished product, with the utmost oversight on quality control. The patented swivel system ensures that the fish can't twist and and gain leverage off the hook after they've been caught. Fiskevegn Swivel line increases catch rate, thus increased revenue onboard. BFG, Short for Best Fishing Gear developed an automated Longline system with the fishermen in mind.The system is a simple yet effective design which alleaviates diagnostic guesswork and down time  during crucial fishing periods.                                                                         

The following are some Items Rena International can supply to the Longline fleet:


 Fiskevegn Swivel line

BFG Machinery & Equipment

Crimper Speader Wall Mount Tools

Crimper Spreader Hand tools

Hooks & Snooded Hooks

Freezer Pans Aluminum & Stainless

Service work

Used machinery & equipment

Poly woven bags 

Paper/Poly woven bags













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