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Longline Gear & Equipment

Swivel Line


The innovative product, swivel line was invented and manufactured by Fiskevegn Flatraket Norway. The 4-strand line provides both strength with the perfect amount of elasticity blended ingeniously to withstand the harshest of environments. The patented swivel system ensures the fish cant twist and gain leverage off the hook after they are caught. the special abrasion resistant coating can be ordered with traditional Tar or poly impregnation, a comparable environmentally friendly alternative. The line can be ordered in 5.5mm, 7mm,  9.5mm ,10 mm, 11.5mm, Diameters. you may also order it weighted and unweighted. Please contact one of our friendly staff for more information.  




Rena offers a wide array of commercial fishing hooks by Eagle Claw and O Mustad and Son. We can supply bare hooks and snooded hooks. For more information please contact us.





The B.F.G. automated longline fishing systems were introduced to supply the same excellence in equipment that Fiskevegn provides in line. Since BFG was launched in 2000, until now, over 100 vessels worldwide are using BFG systems. The cost of buying and servicing automatic longline systems has decreased while efficiency of the systems has risen. Stainless steel components and simple engineering are hallmarks of BFG systems.



Block Liners & Packaging


Block Liners


Rena is proud to offer Cartolit fish block liners for your company’s fish block needs. Cartolit offers the very best fish block fibre liner available in today’s market. Cartolit liners are engineered to give your blocks a consistent true and even surface. Every Cartolit liner comes with the patented “Safe-print  technology”. Safe-print gives you the advantage of knowing that your customers will never receive a block with imbedded corner flaps. Cartolit block liners are offered in two basic styles; fillet & minced/roe. Custom printing and color coded liners are also available. 













Cartons and Solid fibre boxes

A unique layered paper design creates an extremely strong box that offers a number of benefits and applications. You can easily save at least 25% in freezing time, when freezing product directly in the solid fibre cartons or boxes when compared to corrugated boxes that trap air in their fluted walls. These boxes and cartons are also available in a “waterproof” material called “Sapino”. When you have a wet environment or a wet product to pack, Sapino quality board resists absorbing the moisture, resulting in the box or carton maintaining its integrity and strength all the way from production to its final shipping destination.




Corrugated boxes


Rena specializes in commercial fish packaging:

  • 3-block master boxes
  • Crab boxes
  • 50 lb Salmon boxes
  • Surimi master boxes
  • Totes (one way or reusable)

Rena represents multiple corrugated box manufactures, and can offer standard or customized boxes to suit your business’s needs whether it’s fish related or not.


Poly liners and bags

Rena represents multiple poly manufactures, here’s just a few of the typical items we can provide you:

  • Poly liner bags for corrugated boxes with printing or plain
  • Poly sheets for Shatterpacked fish, pan frozen fish
  • Poly tote liners
  • Poly shrouds

Big or small, thick or thin, clear or colored, food grade or not, we can offer you the poly sheet or bag you need.


Specialized bags

Paper/Poly woven Bags

Rena offers some unique bags that take the place of boxes or normal packaging that can save you money. For example:


  • Paper/polywoven bags, bulk bags
  • Liquid polypropylene covered polywoven bags
  • Sling bags
  • Co-extruded poly bags


These bags have a wide amount of uses, for a varied amount of industries. Here’s a few of their uses; cement, agricultural,  seed, meal, fishblocks, Every day we are finding new applications for their use. The reason why is because these bags can be a much less expensive way to package your product.








Rena is proud to offer Bo Andersen freezer frames for your fish block production needs. Bo Andersen is the innovator of the ever popular Super E and Super U profile freezer frames.

 Frame types available:

  • Super E profile
  • Super U profile

These frames are made of aluminum and come with or without a detachable 22 gauge stainless steel  bottom. The bottoms come with your preference of a 2 hole design for block ejection. Replacement bottoms  available in stainless or galvanized steel. Both frame profiles can be ordered in “double block” Other frame types available: Stainless steel Stainless steel frames offer you increased  longevity in frame life, as well as less frequency of metal chipping away from the frame and finding its way into your fish blocks. 







Rena International offers a variety of custom made freezer pans for the commercial fishing industry; stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum and plastic. You can rely on our expertise to design a pan that will have optimal block release, stack ability and durability.

Freezer Pans & Frames


Freezer Frames


 Freezer Pans






Used Pans and Frames 


New old stock, anodized freezer pans, please call for more details (206) 284-7871 

Top ID, 28.5'' L 15.5 W  3.5"H( 5052 food grade aluminum) x488           

New Old stock anodized freezer pans



Used Equipment 


Automated Longline System



Rena is always in search of Used equipment to recondition. As of right now we have a Used Mustad Autoline System that has been gone through  with new components and adjusted to manufacturer's specifications. this system is complete with:

  16 Magazines w/ 20,000 hook capacity
   4 hauling Magazines w/ inspection openings
   Spare parts bin
   Funnels and tubes 
   Cross Ship Rails and Trollys
   Installation support and a sea trail to ensure correct operation.
   Complete gear up benefits.
   Technical Support

Hook separator

Hook CleanerHook Storage Magazines





Please contact one of our longline product specialists for more information.(206) 284-7871










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